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Happy 4th Birthday OviPets!

Today is OviPets 4th birthday and what would a birthday be without some celebrating in form of a new release? In honour of the birthday we're happy to announce a brand new species which have been a very popular suggestion. Please welcome the Cetacea!

These highly intelligent and friendly sea creatures are constantly up to something new. They spend most of their time frolicking around in the water. Being very eager to learn they love challenging their minds with different games and puzzles.

The Cetacea is instantly available to research for paid users, unpaid users have to own one before they can research them.

Discount credit bundle
During this month we'll offer a discounted credit bundle, you can now buy 2000 OviPets credits at a discount of ~10% compared to the 1200 bundle.

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
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I'm hoping for eggs that do the same sorta thing as piscium but are more in the shape of draconis eggs
4 perce
I'll be breeding soon, but there should be a few eggs that need to be turned. owo
4 perce
Wouldn't it be cool if they were something like clams or coral that cracked open though
OOH or a rock
3 perce
20 hours left *Taps foot*
3 perce
This looks like a fun pet. :)
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21 for me Why todaybe so sloq to end (>¡</)


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Updates and information
To help project makers and hopefully avoid future user disputes (in the form of "blocked pets", "user alerts", etc) we've added a couple of new features.

The locking feature prevents any future owners from altering a pets name, presentation and tattoo. The user who originally put the lock in place is the only one who can remove it.

A pet that have been "Locked" will have the following icon visible on their profile:
Please make sure you check this before buying a pet in the future to avoid any surprises.

The sterilization feature prevents breeding and cloning of the pet. This action is irreversible and costs 10 credits.

A pet that have been "Sterilized" will have the following icon visible on their profile:
Please make sure you check this before buying a pet in the future to avoid any surprises.

Pet/Project rules
Rules that users set out on their pets are not officially enforced by OviPets, once a pet have been bought the new owner can do whatever he/she wants with it. It's still of course our hope that the users will respect these rules and Ignoring them will surly result in disputes between the users. So if you don't agree you shouldn't buy the pet to begin with.

Policy updates
With these new features it's our hope that project owners/creators will be able to protect their work without having to resort to so called user alerts or blocked pets. So with this we will no longer allow permanent negative statements about other users in presentations and such.

To protect users and their various projects we've historically allowed user alerts and blocked pets as long as proof in the form of screenshots where included. But this is unfortunately not working out anymore as these cases tend to include a great deal of interpretation from the users involved and tend to escalate from there.

Since we know that there are lot of these statements/reports out there we'll allow a couple of weeks to pass so that there is time to take them down before we take any actions against users who still have these.

Please note that as OviPets is a social game with a lot of users, disputes are bound to happen from time to time. If you feel uncomfortable with how a user is behaving your first action should always be to block the user. And if any active attempts of harassment continues you should contact support to get help as such behavior might be grounds for suspension.

User Alert groups
If you're the owner of one of these groups and feel like there is still cases where user alerts are needed please contact support to discuss it. And we'll see if we can add additional features to avoid them or simply allow them in some cases.

Popular suggestion - "Feeding other users pets for credits"
This is not something that will be implemented as we want to limit the amount of pets a user can have to what he/she is able to take care of. This would also greatly lower the value of credits which in the end would hurt the game.
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I am so disappointed in all of you guys for your behaviors in this post. This post was not meant for arguments, sales, or anything else, it was meant to discuss the update. There are people arguing about staying on topic, there are people arguing about a tester pet, it is ridiculous and frankly I am ashamed. Really and truly ashamed. Next update, I am not even bothering to comment so I don't have to see this behavior in my news feed again :/
21 napja
21 napja
Some people cause drama, Triple L, either for attention or to literally start drama.
It was not everybody so you shouldn't have posted this seeing as people are talking about other things which are unrelated to bad behaviour/drama.
21 napja
thank you Triple L
21 napja
I said what I had to say and that's that, if you feel the need, feel free to friend me and/or private message me, which is how things should have been handled. And yes I am aware not everyone acted up, but a majority did which is why I felt the need to say what I said.
21 napja
I keep forgetting to lock my new stuff XD
It'll take a while to get into the swing of it but I see it doing a lot of good in the future :D


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Happy 4th of July!

In celebration of the 4th of July the Haliaeetus have once again returned to us with a bunch of brand new permanent mutations.

The Haliaeetus is instantly available for paid users, unpaid users have to own one before they can research them. They're a seasonal species so you can only generate from now until the end of this month.

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
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29 napja
29 napja
Plz don't block me because of this, but how do I show my art on here? I know how to put a picture into my profile from google, but not from my FB. Can someone please help me? these mutations are cool. i have the slim wyvern tail.
29 napja
you have to post them on another site like da and post the image url here
29 napja
@Storm I'll pm you
29 napja
@ Trapped ok thank you!


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Artists wanted
We're currently looking for artists for a new game in development. You should be experienced working with Adobe Photoshop and ideally interested in pet games. We also ideally want someone who will be able to continue working on this game in the future as new artwork will be added to the game on a steady basis.

If you're interested please send an email to careers@idztech.com. Please prove some information about yourself and samples of previous work.

(We'll be locking this post right away as it's not related to OviPets)


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Some Updates!

Ovis Mutations
The Ovis have gotten some brand new mutations that you now can research on level 4.

Auction Fee
The auction fee have been lowered to 20 Credits!

Pure Emerald
By popular request from the community we have now added #008000 as "Pure Emerald".

Pure Emerald uses the dot we previously had for Pure Green while Pure Green have been given a lighter one that's closer to its actual color.

Pure Green: #00FF00
Pure Emerald: #008000

Auto sort
You can now easily auto sort all pets in an enclosure by name, species or number of mutations by clicking the sort button found in the bottom of the enclosure.

:) Enjoy! :)

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
85 napja
Omg that would be so cool
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85 napja
85 napja
85 napja
hi how are you
85 napja
Hello people


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Happy Easter Everyone!!

It's that time of the year again and we're really happy to bring back the Lepus along with the limited Easter mutations!

Beside the old ones we also have a couple of new Easter mutations for the Ovis, Mustela and Canis. And we even have some new permanent ones for the Lepus!

New Pure colors!
Since Easter is a very colorful holiday we though it would be a nice occation to release a bunch of new "Pure Colors" that will be officially recognized by the system.

Pure Gray: #808080
Pure Maroon: #800000
Pure Navy: #000080
Pure Teal: #008080
Pure Purple: #800080
Pure Olive: #808000

Pure Silver: #C0C0C0
Pure Gold: #FFD700

Pure Orange: #FFA500
Pure Pink: #FFC0CB

All limited edition mutations are instantly available on level 5, and they'll remain available along with the Lepus for 3 weeks (April 17th) starting from now.

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
156 napja
Laramul2002: pm = private message
156 napja
a few post and are 2000 :o
156 napja
could you accept my friend request then pls
156 napja
@laramul you might can't comment but i have send you a PM .w.
156 napja
I can splice all easter mutations for the cost of the splice as well as some of the new lepus mutations :)
I am off to bed so I won't get to any messages/trades until the morning ^^
155 napja
In addition to being able to splice all of the easter mutations for the splice cost, I can now splice the following new permanent mutations for lepus

tipped pointy ears -13c
raccoon tail -13c
dolphin tail -18c
marbled dolphin tail -18c
and in 15hrs I will be able to splice
butterfly wings -18c


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Happy Chinese New Year & Welcome Ovis!
We're very happy to introduce the Ovis!

These surprisingly agile mountain dwellers love jumping around at the cliffs. They can be a bit stubborn and once they have their mind set on something they are sure to follow through. Once you've befriended an Ovis you'll have friend for life.

The Ovis is instantly available to research for paid users, unpaid users have to own one before they can research them.

Other updates

Auction fee adjustment
We're happy to see that the auction house is working very well! :)
We have however decided to lower the auction fee to 30 Credits. Please note that the fee still might change in the future.

New notifications
We've added notifications for completed research, auction wins and earned achievements.

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
194 napja
I need pets, credits, and help. I have never done a project before. If youre willing to help plz pm me
194 napja
Plus if there were humans there's always the disturbing clothed or not factor...
194 napja
ovi should do Badgers, Sharks, dolphins, sheep, cows, bears, pigs (to make bacon XD), chickens, mini ponies, frogs, giraffes,elephants, crocodiles, parrots, hippos, and OXEN!!!!!
194 napja
I wouldn't mind dolphins or turtles :P
I wonder if I'll be able to gen one of these before school tomorrow..... probably not..... unless we get a delay because of the cold, which is possible... :P
193 napja
193 napja
And the first mutation is…

Patched Body!

I have decided to go ahead and research level 2 instead of going for the first mute.

If anyone wants to help collaborate on a mute tree please join The Loft and submit mutes as you find them ^^


210 napja

The Auction House!

We're very happy to introduce the auction house!
The auctions are global and everyone can see and (if you're a paid user) bid on them, not just if you're friends or part of the same group which will result in maximal exposure when selling pets. The auction house can be found in the upper right corner next to the adoption center.

Hosting an auction
An auction can contain a maximum of 9 pets and costs 50 Credits to host. This fee might seem steep but to maintain a reasonable number of quality auctions we feel this is necessary. This fee might however get adjusted once we see how the auctions works out.

When creating an auction you can add a description which is searchable on the auction page. You can set a start bid, a buyout price and the duration for the auction. The buyout makes it possible for a user to instantly buy the auction lot at a set price and this is only available as long as no one has put a bid on the auction.

When placing a bid in an auction you enter the maximum amount of credits you're willing pay for the lot (which is not necessarily what you'll end up paying). If you are the current high bidder you can also increase your current bid. The system will make a transaction to reserve the credits you put in your bid and if you get outbid these funds will get returned.

This is an auto bid system and the current (winning) bid will always be the lowest possible calculated from the second highest bid or the start bid if there only is a single bid. Each new bid must be at least 5 credits over the current bid.

When the auction ends the different between the high bidder will get back the difference between the winning bid and her/his reserved credits and the auction host will get the winning bid.

Pets in auction
Pets that are put up for auction are put in a reserved state where they can't be traded or breed with, nor can they be discarded or sent to the adoption center. And if they have less then 10 days worth of food they will automatically get feed for 10 days to make sure that they can't starve during the auction.

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
206 napja
I'll be looking through auctions when I get enough credits to start bidding ;)
206 napja
I'm a bit worried about my auction tbh, I'm hoping it gets bid on lol XD ah well, win some, lose some XD
206 napja
That'll be in a few days, so keep up the grea auctions :3
206 napja
This is what I have in mine

Hoping it'll get somewhere >.<
204 napja
8hrs left and it's not looking too cheerful/worth it XD
203 napja
Yeahhhh definitely not using it until the fee is lowered, I've ended up making back less than half of what I would sell them for normally, and that's just not good enough imo :P

Oh well, the AH is a bit of a chance game, isn't it? It's definitely a buyer's market in there;)
Hope many of you have better success with your auctions! I'll be sticking to posting them in groups for the time being.

Time to have an up to 50% off sale on my projects to even out my losses! Posterssss, posterss, gotta make some postersss


229 napja
Various updates
This is a major update where large parts of OviPets core have been rewritten to allow for future updates. This should (hopefully) in most parts not be noticeable at all.

We do however have some noticeable changes. :)

Removed character restrictions for non reserved user names.
Reserved usernames will now get an icon before the name on the users feed page.

Removed edit tab in enclosures.
Edits are now made directly in the enclosure and sorting is done by dragging the tabs.

Improved blocking.
Blocking a user will make you and the blocked user unable to see each other's posts and comments. Blocking a user from a group will hide all posts and comments the user has made to that group.

Group admins can now lock posts made by the group.
Locking a post prevents non-admins to comment on that post.

Hatchery presentations.

Colored and strike though text.
Colored text is done by placing the desired color in the tag and the text between the "clr" tags:
And strike through is done by placing the text between the "s" tag:
[+s]strike though[/s+]
(Remove the plus signs)
229 napja
I can if I tilt the computer lol XD
229 napja
Love this


Sorry for all the exclamation points! *is excited*
229 napja
229 napja
Does this work. Hmm. xD
229 napja
[=clr#ff0000]Cloored[/clr+] Testing........
228 napja


260 napja
New Permanent Canis Mutations!
As some of you so deftly observed, a few mutations for the Canis where forgotten in the Winter Mutation Release! These have now been added and they're new permanent mutations, so no stressing over these :)

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
252 napja
@Ryvrsong I want it around Christmas!! <3
252 napja
Winter mute , all are so cute
252 napja
Ty Alois
252 napja
Free trade breed

-Like the pet (no like - no breed)
-Send many request as you want :)

0c breed

-Like him before you breed

P.S. If you wanna send me a fr read my first rules please
252 napja
soo happy
252 napja
nooooooo D: darn... i hope they make another one.... wihtout anna -.- somthing like a chatpost XD


262 napja

Happy Holidays!!
In some parts of the world the snow is deep and the darkness comes early, in other parts people are getting ready for barbecues on the beach - but no matter where you are - we hope you're getting ready for the happiest season of all! :D

We're so very excited to welcome back our much loved Rangifer!

This year we have some brand new mutations for a number of our species, like the Canis, Vulpes, Lepus, Equus & Draconis! And all our old favourites have of course returned! :D

AvailabilityAll of these mutations will be available for 3 full weeks for all user who's researched Level 5 of the species in question, so until the 3rd of November! Please enjoy! :)

Please stay on topic or you will be suspended from news posts, thank you!
261 napja
Happy Holidays and have a Wonderful New Year everyone!

Free Breeds!



And the 2v when he hatches!


Keep and eye open for my Rang and Equus Winter Projects coming soon!
261 napja
YES! my Paradise Fish are done! Been waiting for the christmas body mutation XD
I just need to make the other tat for the male and it will be complete :3
261 napja
OMG love them with the boots :D
Now just to add tail :3
260 napja
XD yay to winter mutations on projects woop :3

260 napja
Well our fluffy winter bunnies will be hopping into the snow drifts soon :D (just missing long fringe)

and aww fluffy santa helpers
258 napja
Look at how cute these are! :D

Super happy with my in progress projects too ^_^


315 napja

Happy Halloween!
We're really excited to welcome back our beloved Chiropy! Now once again available to generate and with a bunch of brand new permanent mutations!

The Chiropy is instantly available for paid users, unpaid users have to own one before they can research them. They're a seasonal species so you can only generate them for 3 weeks from now (until the 11th of November).


Halloween Mutations!
Our always popular and ever so creepy Halloween mutations are of course back! With an addition of brand new ones for the Equus, Haliaeetus & Chiropy! They will remain with the Chiropy until the 11th of November.

Please stay on topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.
313 napja
A little Snip at my 2v project, here's 1 for autobuy, and i can also splice the other muts to those eggs :)
(will not make breeding pairs due to copying of ym project)

They'll be sold at 30c each :) 25c for the mute that costs 13c


PM me if you want to order a pet !
313 napja
2v? you're not gonna put the mane and flame lock on it? jw
313 napja
i might do so, but now i need about 100c to be able to do that
311 napja
I'm looking to borrow an equus set or buy one cheap so that I can splice these mutations onto a project
I am happy to pay a fee to rent your set!
Please PM me, I need to get started asap :P
311 napja
:3 well i got 27 til the ones in the black hatch that have 1 parent with the flame mane and 54 hours til the ones in red hatch, both parents with flame mute and spliced with flame tail

so excited, cant wait to see the outcomes <3

311 napja
27 hours XD lol forgot that


331 napja

Welcome Canis!
Since the first news post filled up in a flash and we're soon ready to start generating the first Canis, we thought we needed another one to share some of the excitement and not least to show off some of those pretty new pets!

Please be polite towards your fellow players, don't spam, not with ads or pets, stay on topic and don't use it to advertise groups, giveaways or similar but let's keep it for discussion and shared excitement for our newest species, thank you! :)
331 napja
There should be some people that researched the lap dog head mutation last night when research was complete
as you reveal new mutations in the lab could you please PM me with the lab picture and the info on it (where it is, research cost, splice cost blah blah)
I will put the mutations on the species and post the pictures here :)

Also if you would like to let people know you can splice the lap dog head or any of the other new mutations, I can post that for you as well, along with free breeds etc ^^
330 napja
Lapdog head opens up to

Blaze lapdog Head
Research cost 5c
Splice cost 5c
Dominance 85%

Tiny Curled Tail
Research Cost 5c
Splice cost 10c
Dominance 85%

Pointy Ears
Research cost 10c
Splice cost 10c
Dominance 80 %

Thankyou to tarzipanblitzinger and Wilkie for sharing the lab pics and info with me!
These users and Singing Electricity are able to splice the first mutation on level one (the lapdog head) for PAID MEMBERS ONLY and tarzipan and Wilkie will be able to splice the curly tail tomorrow.
Please do not beg these users for free splices!

I will have level 2 researched in 22 hours this means I will be able to generate canis for 13c
I will probably post another mutation update the day after tomorrow ^_^

Big thankyou to all of the users that have given away the new species, and/or have let unpaid users borrow them
and thankyou to the unpaid users who have been decent people and returned the loaner pets back to their owners promptly and without a fuss! We lend the new species out for people like you :D

Please PM me with any new mutations as you discover them, for now I am off to bed, and I leave you with some pretty eggs that I have adopted or bought from other users ooooooh
325 napja
So far known Mutations:

Click here to see details about them!
319 napja
Can people that have been researching PLEASE PM me the urls for the pictures of the mutations in the lab so that I can post them on the canis here - I cannot put them on canis from a screenshot or whatever, I need the lab pics to do it.
I need urls for the following mutations:
pointy ears, blaze lapdog head, bi-colored lapdog head, solid lapdog head, solid body, triangular ears, solid head, bushy tail, wavy thin tail, tipped wavy thin tail, curled tail, fluffy tail, solid legs, short legs, all of the long heads, chest fur, spaniel ears
anything that comes *after* any of these mutations that I have not mentioned :)
319 napja
Level One Mutations (that I know of) in no particular order

Tiny curled tail

Lapdog head

Pointy Ears

Bicolor Lapdog Head

Blaze Lapdog Head

Solid Lapdog Head

Thin Tail

Tipped Thin Tail

Level Two Mutations (that I know of)

Bushy Tail

Tipped Wavy Thin Tail


Solid Head

Triangular Ears

Solid Body

Wavy Thin Tail

Level Three Mutations (that I know of)

Curled Tail

Fluffy Tail

Short Legs

Eyepatched Long Head

Solid Long Head
319 napja
Level Three Mutations continued

Blaze Long Head

Level Four Mutations (that I know of)

Tricolor Fuzzy Lapdog Head

Blaze Fuzzy Lapdog Head

Long Furred Legs

Fuzzy Lapdog Head

Papillon Ears

Chest Fur

Spaniel Ears

Sorry this is all I have time for before my computer restarts
If you want to see what several of these mutations look like on a canis, I can do project mockups (they look good, I promise XD) I charge 30c for up to 5 mutations on a pet and 10c per extra mutation :)


332 napja

The long anticipated, highly celebrated and beautifully illustrated:
Welcoming the Canis!!

We have barely been able to contain our excitement over our newest, insanely adorable species, the Canis! We sincerely hope you'll love this amazing species as much as we do!

The cute Canis is instantly available to research for paid users, unpaid users have to own one before they can research it.

Stay on Topic! Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.
332 napja
Nice work OviPets! :)
Love this new species, Hope we get alot of Canis on Free Breed on OviExtra.com soon :)
332 napja
332 napja
could anyone make canis Kitty ears
332 napja

332 napja
so it has been about an hour, and i fortunatly came up with this:

<a href="http://www.BannerFans.com"><img src="" border="0" width="988" height="796" alt="BannerFans.com" /></a>
332 napja
Anyone that opens up new mutations from today onwards, please PM me the lab pictures so that I can put them on the pets and post them here
research and splicing info, as well as where they are on the tree would be great as well ^^

I will update in batches as I can only post so many times, maybe we should all ask them to put another post up :P


365 napja

Happy 3rd Birthday OviPets!

The past 3 years has been absolutely fantastic, an exciting journey with You, our lovely players whom has helped immensely with turning our beloved OviPets into the game it is today. Thanks to your input and suggestions, OviPets is constantly evolving and that is so amazing!

We'll be celebrating today by releasing some new, permanent mutations for the Catus and the Haliaeetus!

Make sure you check out those updated mutation trees! :D

Stay on Topic! Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.
362 napja
:) The new mutes are so pretty.
362 napja
ow its in the end ._.

and it works
362 napja
With the ribbon tail, it reminds me of articuno from pokemon lol
362 napja
Join today to find an easier way to find someone who can splice (even with these new mutes!)

Jams Splicing Service
362 napja
Lol yha it does, the only way there can be more is if you have and open Prompt box to comment. but the option to comment is removed after the 2000 comment
362 napja
XD see lol had this one open
anyways be sure to check back to see what this lovely egg will become

Thank you Ovipets! 3 years and many more to come!


424 napja

Happy 4th of July & Welcome Haliaeetus!
We're so very excited to introduce our newest limited species, the majestic and iconic Haliaeetus!

We sincerely hope you'll love this amazing species as much as we do!

The Haliaeetus is instantly available to paid users and will remain available to generate all the way to the end of July, in celebration of 4th of July! Unpaid users do have to own one before they can research this species.

Stay on Topic! Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.
423 napja
We should really save this post for the pic of halieetud
423 napja
423 napja
dont ya think/?
423 napja
yeah sorry >.< I wish I could make a post for like trading be kinda cool
423 napja
I have 8 hours then I can generate the Haliaeetus breeding pair! :D
423 napja
Please keep to the topic of JUST the Haliaeetus!!


431 napja
Group Updates
Due to issues with groups not using the admin feature as supposed we've now been forced to implement some restrictions.

The new restrictions are:
Only the owner of the group is now able to add/remove admins from a group.
You can only have 1 admin for every 10 members.

(This update won't remove any current admins or change the group in any way, even if the member / admin ratio is too high)

Group posts are no longer visible if a member leaves the group, even if the member was the one who posted the post.

New features:
You can now also comment as group on group posts.

The owner and admins will now also be able to see who posted the post/comment when posting as group.

(These features are only available when viewing the posts from the group page)

Other update:
We have also added a "Member Since" field in your profile since it's been a popular request. :)

This update includes some style updates so please refresh the page for it to display correctly.

Stay on Topic! Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.
425 napja
I love horses /Off topic
425 napja
424 napja
Looking to breed my males with someones females
424 napja
- " MALES " and " FEMALES " in a range of species are available for " FREE ADOPTION "

- " MALES " of all species available for " BREEDING " only " 1 COIN "
424 napja
Stay on topic.
424 napja


429 napja
Tattoo locking
By popular request we've now implemented a tattoo locking feature.

From the tattooing interface you can now choose to "lock" a tattoo, doing this will make it impossible to make any changes to the tattoo or to get access to the original tattoo file.

You can however still remove a locked tattoo. This update is mainly for tattoo artists, enabling them to sell tattoos without risking that they get stolen.

Stay on Topic! Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.
425 napja
idk some weird city building game, I'm sort on credits and i need some to rename some pets... & thanks i guess ill have too
425 napja
I didn't know there were games on here
425 napja
You could always turn eggs, with in two days I made 400c xD
425 napja
yah but this was for 500 credits haha , that always works too
425 napja
Three days tops for 500c
For me anyway, when i'm determined and want something I really work hard XD
425 napja


450 napja

New Mutations!
We're really excited to unveil some brand new mutations for the Macropus and the Equus (and a solid head for the Catus got mixed up in there too ;) )! We hope you'll enjoy these lovely mutations as much as we do!

448 napja
goodbye... :(
448 napja
i got one....
448 napja
I would like the awesome pet ;(
448 napja
Not My pure Gold but he's still handsome and on free breed for a little white

448 napja
448 napja


505 napja

Happy Easter Everyone!!
We're really happy to be able to give you a batch of brand new Easter mutations, bring back the old classic Easter mutations and naturally bring back the beloved Lepus!

All limited edition mutations are instantly available on level 5, and they'll remain available along with the Lepus all throughout April.

Stay on topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes. This is not the place to post suggestions, ask for credits, sell pets or breeds (no matter if they have winter mutations or not) or advertise groups. Thank you!
503 napja
have anyone bunnys for breed with oster mutation or can splice oster mutation ?

i trade with a pure equu egg
503 napja
ohai Crona, didn't see you der C:
503 napja

just missing the tail ^-^

and the start of a future project <3
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Do not sell eggs or offspring you get as a result of breeding with my pets please

I have a bunch of male pets up for free breed including LEPUS. Please like the pet before you send breed requests, otherwise your breed will be aborted.

I have the following pets with easter mutations up for free breed, again, please "like" the pet before you send breed requests.

*all images are clickable*

For unpaid users I can do splicing in return for mass breeding -please PM me for details.
I can splice LE catus, lupus, lotor, rangifer and vulpes mutations, as well as the new lepus dino tail for the cost of the splice :) No tips required!

If anyone has ready to hatch vulpes or lupus with nice colours, please let me know, I would like to get another couple of males to put new mutations on and put up for free breed for everyone :)

please read my info tab if you are going to send me a friend request :)
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I have a new pet with easter mutations up for free breed
please remember to "like" ANY pet before you send the breed request otherwise your request will be aborted
Please also read the info tab if you want me to accept your friend request :)

*clickable image*

Please be patient! I am often unwell or busy, and at the moment I am also working on getting easter mutations onto my projects ^^
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Just thought I'd let everyone know that solid bunny eared head for lupus can be tattooed :)