10 napja

Happy Easter Everyone!!
We're really happy to be able to give you a batch of brand new Easter mutations, bring back the old classic Easter mutations and naturally bring back the beloved Lepus!

All limited edition mutations are instantly available on level 5, and they'll remain available along with the Lepus all throughout April.

Stay on topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes. This is not the place to post suggestions, ask for credits, sell pets or breeds (no matter if they have winter mutations or not) or advertise groups. Thank you!

RainbowWolf8 napja

have anyone bunnys for breed with oster mutation or can splice oster mutation ?

i trade with a pure equu egg

Medusa Gorgon8 napja

ohai Crona, didn't see you der C:

BanditCatOfLove8 napja


just missing the tail ^-^

and the start of a future project <3

amba8 napja

Do not sell eggs or offspring you get as a result of breeding with my pets please

I have a bunch of male pets up for free breed including LEPUS. Please like the pet before you send breed requests, otherwise your breed will be aborted.

I have the following pets with easter mutations up for free breed, again, please "like" the pet before you send breed requests.

*all images are clickable*

For unpaid users I can do splicing in return for mass breeding -please PM me for details.
I can splice LE catus, lupus, lotor, rangifer and vulpes mutations, as well as the new lepus dino tail for the cost of the splice :) No tips required!

If anyone has ready to hatch vulpes or lupus with nice colours, please let me know, I would like to get another couple of males to put new mutations on and put up for free breed for everyone :)

please read my info tab if you are going to send me a friend request :)

amba4 napja

I have a new pet with easter mutations up for free breed
please remember to "like" ANY pet before you send the breed request otherwise your request will be aborted
Please also read the info tab if you want me to accept your friend request :)

*clickable image*

Please be patient! I am often unwell or busy, and at the moment I am also working on getting easter mutations onto my projects ^^

amba3 napja

Just thought I'd let everyone know that solid bunny eared head for lupus can be tattooed :)


11 napja

OviPets Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/OviPets ) now have more then 50,000 likes!

♥ We can not thank You, our amazing players enough for your continued support! You rock! ♥

scrambled egg ninja7 napja

go to the contact us link at the very bottom of the page...

Demon Tiger7 napja

AshleyNicoleEllers- look here http://ovipets.com/#!/?src=legal&sub=contact

Noctwa7 napja

I would like to see some dolphins and orcas!!! :)

Luis Garcia7 napja


tempuseternal7 napja

Thanks two players who agreed with me about parrots and butterflies in Ovipets! :)

simsiegabel7 napja

How about some elephants & cockatoos as new pets?


38 napja

New Vulpes Mutations!
We're really excited to unveil the 4th mutation tree for the Vulpes! We hope you'll enjoy these lovely mutations as much as we do :)

Stay On Topic!
Please don't force us to lock this thread too by going off topic. We really want to know what you users think of the news we post, which is why we don't allow off topic discussion, please honor this wish so we can continue announcing news this way.

So please stay on topic, this post is ONLY for discussion of the new Vulpes mutations, not for suggestions, sales posts, giveaways, group advertisements or anything else. Thank you! <3

Lucifer36 napja












Devil Spawn


Sweety :3

Amelia The Killer Wolf36 napja

I need to research vulpes now XD
If my vulpes with the floppy ear mute is a boy, he'll be on free breed :)

sabrinagonzalez30181836 napja


amba36 napja

Thanks for filling up the post with nonsense, guys >.>

if anyone can tell me where tufted ears is on the chart, you know where I am

also if someone could keep me updated with lab pics as research progresses that'd be great please :)

Polar Bear36 napja

well enjoyed talking about the new mutes with u guys!!! i will be making a few projects for users for free!!
(specialy with sea monster mutes and the cat mutes)
If u might want one go join one of my really known groups cuz when im done reaserching im starting on projects!!!
thankies btw!!!

amba35 napja

Based on mutations listed so far here are sea monster vulpes and cat vulpes :D

If people could keep me updated through PM/my wall with new mutations as they are researched that'd be great :)


53 napja
Update to starving pets
Due to popular request for an easier way to locate the pets in a tab that are starving and unnamed pets and eggs about to be discarded, all pets close to death now not only have the little exclamation mark but also a red frame instead of the standard blue one.

Stay on Topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.

StephieLoco52 napja

And thank you, blackcat. Your a sweetheart <3

dianeaeldredge52 napja

No body is stupid, no matter what others say. :)

annazhuk142852 napja

U guys r wasting comments some people have not seen this change

annazhuk142852 napja

Well maybe

Zeex52 napja

idc anna :P

FlameBerrer52 napja

[Comment Removed]


83 napja

Happy Chinese New Year & Welcome Equus!
Since the first post filled up so quickly and we'd love to see those lovely, freshly generated Equus of yours soon we figured we better put up another one :)

Original news post is here for all infomration about this pretty new species:

Stay on Topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes. This post is for discussion of and showing off your Equus only, thank you.

Jeffy The Bunny King82 napja

maggie has a point o-o

xx*EatsRainbows*xx82 napja

Whoaaaa o-o It is almosttt full p-----q

xx*EatsRainbows*xx82 napja


Lisa Scitchfire82 napja


Amy McDonald82 napja

[Comment Removed]

Blackcat86200382 napja

SQUEEEE Equus are so cute :3


84 napja

Happy Chinese New Year & Welcome Equus!
We're so excited to introduce you all to the noble Equus!
The Equus was created by the amazing Hedvig H-S aka vixie87, and we sincerely hope you'll love this fantastic species as much as we do!

The noble Equus roams the great grass plains all across our globe. Majestic and kind, these gentle souls make faithful companions. The gleam of their coats can only be topped by the brightness of their minds so they're a true pleasure to be around.

The Equus is instantly available to research for paid users, unpaid users have to own one before they can research them.

Stay on Topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.

danielmione584 napja

i tryed turning a friends a egg and it didnt get me any is it a chance at coins?

Ishizu Ishtar84 napja

The 4ell horse.. Nwothats a horse i would want. flame mane flame tail, flame hooves, black skeletal wings, skeletal body or even a gohst kind of body or black... And demon eyes. I'm so excited!!

amba84 napja

You can't turn the eggs in a group member's hatchery unless you are also friends with them

if you're in a group with someone and you're not friends with them, you can't turn their eggs

Toxic Music Lover84 napja

Woah!!! Bet coming back present ever :p just started playing again and now these beauties yayy!!

Blackcat86200384 napja

Yay last comment XD
Love the Equus XD

Polar Bear83 napja

Please go join the first Equus group!!!
There will be raffles, and games and alot more!!
Admin contest happening every 200 members!!
The Equus
Thank you!!
Have fun and an AWSOME day!!


92 napja
"In Progress" section for Achievements
By popular request we've now added a "In Progress" section for your achievements. So now you can see how much progress you've made towards completing an achievement. :)

Achievements that you've started making progress towards completing are shown in this section. With the exception of achievements that are part of a set, in this case the one with the lowest difficulty that has not yet been completed will be shown.

For example, if you have not yet completed the "Splicer" achievement, the "Biotech" one will not be shown even though you technically have made progress towards completing it. Once "Splicer" have been completed "Biotech" will become visible in the "In Progress" section.

Please stay on topic!

Panda Bear89 napja

Please None Of That. This Is Off Topic......

gabrielamendes1447342689 napja


Mad Hatter89 napja


larisa89 napja

[Comment Removed]

Panda Bear89 napja

Please Stay On Topic!

Halo Ninja Rose89 napja

This is so cool! :)


96 napja
Vacation mode update
Due to overuse / abuse of the vacation mode function we've been forced to increase the early exit fees. Turning on and off vacation mode on a account is a very demanding process as all pets in an account needs to be updated so it should only be done if it's necessary.

The early exit fee is now 5 Credits per day, so if you turn on and off vacation mode on the same day it will cost you 35 Credits.

There is never any reason to turn on vacation mode on an account if your going to be gone less than a week, just feed your pets before you leave. If there are't any low food notifications on any pets they will last at least 5 days without food.

This change only applies to accounts turning on Vacation Mode after this news post, if you turned on vacation mode before the news post you will pay the old fee if you do an early exit the upcoming days.

Please stay on topic!

Lisa Rae96 napja

Basically what most of us is saying is that 5c per DAY is too much. even one day early is 5c. There are better solutions.

KazeKage96 napja

if i wasn't on VM now i would so send you a friend lets hope i remember when i get off good thing it was only 10 hrs ago that i turned it off so i still only have to do the 1c a day thing

Aniu96 napja


Aniu96 napja

i have no opinion about this XD

Madam Meow96 napja

That's a little pricey! But I can understand.

OviPets96 napja

As this has derailed into personal attacks and off topic discussion we'll be locking this thread. We will of course review all that has been said in this thread and this might not be the final solution to this problem, however it is a problem and we do have to deal with it somehow.

To recap for people who wasn't in the discussion from the beginning:

It's not a matter of us wanting users to spend more credits, it's a matter of us wanting people to be able to play the game. It's a very common complaint that people can't breed/trade/turn eggs with other players these days because they're constantly on vacation mode - while they're still in fact actively playing. Vacation mode was implemented not as a "pause" button but as a way to protect your pets if you have to be away from the game from an extended period of time.

Currently a lot of people use the vacation mode daily , they play for a few hours and then turn on vacation mode, which is obviously not how it's supposed to be used.

We could either limit the use of the vacation mode, make it impossible to exit early like it was before, or increase the fees to exit early to discourage improper use of the function but not making it impossible to regret the action. We don't want you to spend the credits to exit early, we want you to not exit early at all and use the function as it was intended.

Thank you to all players who've given input and feedback in a calm manner, respecting your fellow players.


102 napja
Favorite your Friends!
You can now favorite your friends under the "Edit Friendship" button on their page. Just click the "Favorite" button and they'll show up first in your friend window, making it easy for you to find and interact with your favorite friends.

They will also pop up first when your click your "Show Friends" window. Favorite is only a personal setting to make it easier for you to navigate your firends and can not be viewed by anyone else.

Please stay on topic, thank you!

Kuro Ookami-Inu97 napja

Add me if you want, i have lots of pets up for sale and for free.

Silver Silence97 napja

Feel free to add me anyone. I have no passwords or stuff like that to become my friend. All you have to do is read some stuff. All of my animals should be on free breed for zero credits except for my project stuff and other peoples projects. :D

nikkidorgan97 napja

You can add me :) i welcome all friends requests

CaptainCortonaYoshimara97 napja

I like this idea but they also should do for groups too so u don't have to take all the time to look for the group ur looking for.

christineamundson16196 napja

I welcome all friend requests :)

Kuro Ookami-Inu96 napja

please come join this group! We welcome all :)


122 napja
Payment updates
Some updates has been made to the payment section to give you some more options when buying Credits.

Redeem Gift Cards
Facebook Gift Cards can now be redeemed directly from within the OviPets app to give you Credits for the full value of the Gift Card.

Pay by Mobile
A pay by mobile option has been added to give some more flexibility when it comes to mobile payments. Due to the fact that mobile payments have fixed available price point to choose from and that those price points might not match the available credit packs, the credit amount will be adjusted to utilize as much as possible of the purchase amount.

Due to Facebook limitations we've defined the "base amount" for redeeming gift cards and paying with mobile as bundles of 10. This basically mean that the amount you're purchasing will be displayed as (for example) "50 × 10 OviPets Credits" (which equals 500 OviPets Credits) when redeeming a $10 gift card.

We've added TrialPay as a mean to earn more credits, through TrialPay you can complete different offers obtain OviPets Credits. Available offers differs from country to country. Completing TrialPay offers will not upgrade your account to paid status.

You might need to refresh the page for it to display correctly.

Please stay on topic!

Amelia The Killer Wolf119 napja

You go to Facebook first or it won't work.....

Violet Brandi119 napja

i've never seen one but i have seen facebook giftcards but it might be were you live

Zebra lover119 napja

Yes but it's a Facebook gift card and u can use them for any Facebook game

Flutter Shy119 napja


OviPets118 napja

Due to the fact that the rates get better when buying more Credits, some users have been given an amount that isn't really fair when redeeming "Facebook Gift Cards".

This is particularly noticeable when redeeming a gift card with an amount that it just below the amount of a credit pack.

An example would be a Canadian $10 gift card, since 500 OviPets Credits costs $10.99 CAD you would get the rate for the 200 Credit pack which gave you 370 Credits while you would get 450 Credits with the better rate.

However since we can see that this was very annoying we've adjusted the breakpoints to get the better rates in between the costs of the credit pack. Meaning that you'll get the better rate if you redeem a Gift Card that is closer to the bigger pack then the smaller one.

If you you've been affected by this please email support@ovipets.com and we'll credit your account with the missing Credits.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and we'll now lock this thread to make sure everyone has a chance to see this message.

OviPets118 napja

We've gone through the transaction history and credited all account we found that was affected by this. You should see a transaction called "Bonus Handout" in your history with the missing amount. However, just in case we missed anyone, you're still welcome to contact support regarding it. :)


134 napja

The Winter Mutations & Species Are Here!
We're really happy to release this years batch of winter mutations and announce that the Rangifer once again has decided to grace us with their presence :)

The old favorites are of course back, some with a few new additions, but we also have a lot of new species with winter mutations this year!

The Chiropy:

The Vulpes:

The Piscum:

The Macropus:

The Rangifer has a few new permanent mutations and a couple of limited ones:

All limited edition mutations are instantly available on level 5, and they'll remain available along with the Rangifer all of December. :)

Stay on topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes, this is not the place to ask for credits, sell pets or breeds (no matter if they have winter mutations or not) or advertise groups. Thank you!

DarkJackLuvor133 napja

:D awesome can't wait to see them :3

MrsNikkiBlount133 napja


Wynter owls133 napja

are these new mutations only for paid users to research? I don't see them on the one's I have researched so far

Atlantide133 napja

I like

Blackcat862003133 napja

Thank you ^_^
and @ dottie you have to be paid and have level 5 researched to splice the limited mutations.

amba133 napja

I'm offering a pure lepus, lotor, lupus, or catus to users that mass breed for me (50 eggs or more)
I need as many eggs to turn as possible so that I can afford a full winter piscium (or two), two sets of rangifer with winter mutations, winter mutations on lupus, and a winter mutation on catus XD


156 napja
We're super excited to share with you that OviPets now has 40,000 Likes on Facebook!

<3 We'd like to thank You, our amazing players, for Your continued support! You Rock! <3


Polar Bear156 napja

ya but it also took alot out of users that spent thousands of credits on the snow leoaprds (like me) but then to also have the halloween mutations come ASWELL as a new species... it was too much... they need to spread things out more... maybe instead of coming out with a new species sometimes maybe just have the charity things... that would be alot better

myamoo547156 napja

https://ovipets.com/#!/?src=pets&sub=profile&usr=1146637&pet=57708673 100c

Backwoods Barbie156 napja

i think there should be new mutations for the lupus. like certain dog species mutations that way you can create say a german shepherd, or a pitbull, or a spaniel ect ect with the look of one

myamoo547156 napja

i agree polar

maga do gelo156 napja

[Comment Removed]

Backwoods Barbie156 napja

i heard not too long ago that the black rhino is now extinct because of poachers :/


162 napja

Last day for Halloween Mutations & Chiropy Species generation
This is just a reminder that tomorrow (the 14th) is the final day to generate Chiropys and also for splicing Halloween mutations. We hope you've managed to get some lovely new pets of the new species and with the Halloween Mutations! :)

Please stay on topic, thank you!

KazeKage159 napja

it so would XD

**Animais Da Luz**159 napja

My Profile The DNA In My Hatchery

kdnaxex159 napja


ariagnaglass159 napja

ho maid god

100002374730873159 napja


iuryfelix52159 napja

[Comment Removed]


168 napja

A very successful Charity Event for Snow Leopard Trust!
We couldn't in our wildest dreams have imagined the fantastic outcome of this our first Charity Event! We're so proud and happy to be a part of this amazing, charitable, animal loving community!

We raised: $10,234.67!

It's nothing short of amazing and we'd like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone one of you who took part in this! <3

Here's what Siri Okamoto, Development Director at Snow Leopard Trust had to say about our efforts:

"I have been keeping tabs on your email correspondences with the Snow Leopard Trust and the success of your charity run. I wanted to add my congratulations and sincere thanks for your incredible generosity, drive and creativity towards helping wild snow leopards. The money you raise will be a huge boon for our field teams. Just to give you an example of how far $10,000 goes in the field--that's enough to run 10 eco-camps over two years for over 130 children each year so that youth in snow leopard habitat gain a greater appreciation for snow leopards and their conservation. Or that's enough to run the base camp of our long-term study for a year so that researchers from around the world can learn more about snow leopard behavior and biology.

Thank you very much for all your efforts!"

* A total of 24,975 splices where made by you, our amazing players!
* Snow Leopard Body was the most popular mutation with 8,482 splices!
* 221 players earned the "Snow Leopard Supporter" achievement but many, many more helped out by splicing for charity!

The Snow Leopard Trust also featured our Charity Run in their blog:

Please stay on topic, thank you!

Rajec164 napja

I think it is rude to beg for pets and this do only small children.

annazhuk1428164 napja

me plz

JmqeStar -Knockout-164 napja

so youve been rude quite often on here

annazhuk1428164 napja

u got a point rejec sorry:-(

Rajec164 napja

I have seen here many, who have begged. So it is normal to write an critique about it.

Ariel Fireheart164 napja

there not begging i offered who wanted it


182 napja

Introducing: Chiropy!
We're really happy to welcome our 3rd seasonal species, the adorable Chiropy!
The Chiropy was created by our amazing Anikó E. K aka Aina Shadox, and we sincerely hope you'll love this super cute species as much as we do!

Our adorable friends of the night, the Chiropy are quick and clever. Only up and about during the dark hours they grace us with their presence during the time of Halloween. Sweet and friendly these areal acrobats are sure to charm you, despite their nocturnal habits.

The Chiropy is instantly available for paid users, unpaid users have to own one before they can research them. They're a seasonal species so you can only generate them for 3 weeks from now (until the 14th of November).


Halloween Mutations!
Our ever so popular Halloween mutations are of course back! With an addition of brand new ones for the Vulpes and Rattus! :D

These are also available for 3 weeks from now (until the 14th of November).

Please stay on topic!
Failure to do so will result in a News Post suspension which will make you unable to enter future OviPets contests and comment on updates and changes.

Lu39Lu181 napja

i will give quite a few pures

pumpkin_spice181 napja

i hate being unpaid sometimes -.-
i really want a bat.
i'd trade snow leopard mutes for one or two heck even an egg

Sky Paw181 napja

id do that for you when i have two

amba181 napja

unpaid users can research and generate these themselves

tomorrow I will be lending out a bat to unpaid users.
If you are interested, you will need to have the 15c ready to research, you will have five minutes to get the bat back to me, and you will need to read my info tab to have your f/r accepted :)

RedAngel181 napja

I have also a few pure lupus... i will trade some for a bat ... even an egg :)

moonshiner181 napja

mayi have one


195 napja

Event Extended!
By popular request this event has been extended to three weeks, so the snow leopard mutations will be available for 3 weeks instead of the original 2. So the pretty snow leopard mutations will be available to the end of October! :D

Original post with full information is available here: http://ovipets.com/#!/?event=5256bc88132d02f71b99779e

Continued discussion
Please feel free to continue discussion here, but please stay on topic and know that this is not the place to ask for credits, sell pets or advertise groups.

The Diamond192 napja

the time changed in the time it took me to type that XD

Katey192 napja

Well I guess I'll deal with this in the morning ...night everyone thanks for the help I really apreasheate it :)

The Diamond192 napja

No prob, but its Amba and RahcelTeh who did more help XP

Emery Jean192 napja

[Comment Removed]

Growl192 napja

do u offer trades?

Polar Bear192 napja

Unpaid users... Go Join this group if u want a FREE 5v snow leopard! me and a few other users are makking 5v's for unpaid users!! i have a list of atleast 126 so far! soon to be more! PLEASE go join and u can get urself a free one!!!! YAYY


Ih ope ill have snow leopards in a week! Thank you!!
-Polar Bear


196 napja

Introducing - OviPets Charities!
We're so happy and excited to be introducing to you today a brand new part of the OviPets experience. OviPets is all about animals, that being said, our goal has always been to be able to give some real life help to animal species in need all across our planet. We want to make it easy for people to help, and what easier way then through playing a game that you like? :D

We're so excited to introduce our very first charity partner, the amazing Snow Leopard Trust. We've released 5 brand new limited mutations for Catus, which when spliced will be turning them into gorgeous Snow Leopards! These mutations are available for everyone who's research level 5 for Catus, during 2 weeks from today.

A pet spliced with a charity mutation will be getting a little blue ribbon which when clicked will take you to the information page about the charity in question.

For every 100 Credits spent on splices, 1 USD will be donated to the Snow Leopard Trust. You can see exactly how much we've raised so far by visiting the Charities page, available at the bottom of every page next to the FAQ.

Charity Achievements
With the Charity addition to OviPets, we'll also be introducing a set of brand new achievements. There will be one specific achievement for each new charity, in this case you can become a "Snow Leopard Supporter":

But we'll also be awarding a set of general charity achievements, what those are you'll just have to wait and see though ;)

We hope you're just as excited as we are about the possibility to be able to help out the beautiful Snow Leopards by simply splicing for charity! :D

Blackcat862003195 napja

those are pretty :)

Chloe Williamson195 napja

i would love to have a snow leopard they r so cute but im not a paid user and i am researching the vulpes and only have 7 coins lol

Moviefan Yeah- Why195 napja


Tina12195 napja

There is bound to be some a bit later on that will be in raffles and on trades etc it just takes a bit of time for them to be done

Blackcat862003195 napja

Tina12 is exactly right. Just give it time and they will be all over ovi :D <3

Blackcat862003194 napja

How's everyone doing with their projects?


217 napja
Regarding the recent issues
We've had some issues with a security certificate that expired and failed to update.

This unfortunately caused the payment notifications from Facebook to fail and is what's been causing all the current issues. We're very sorry about this and it's now been corrected. Our support is working very hard on replying to and sorting out all contact with us regarding these issues but due to the sheer amount, it may take us a bit longer then usual to get back to you so we'd like to ask you to please be patient.

We're so very sorry about this!

morganreykdal216 napja

Dingersoll Feel Free to give me a huge pet bomb of them if you dont mind

selinozel507216 napja


victoriastephens982216 napja

I sent a email about 20 hours ago and no reply!

Neon Rain216 napja

lol happened to me but got it back soon

Bear Fighter216 napja

i was full in 100% and i didn't get anything

giovanylabastidabaez216 napja



231 napja
Update to payments
Since Facebook is retiring their "Facebook Credits" all developers are now forced to switch to their new system called "Local Currency Payments".

The big difference here is that "OviPets Credits" no longer will be priced in "Facebook Credits" but rather in a number of your local currency. Non supported currency will default to USD. If you have one of the supported currency's the price will be fixed and won't be affected by the current exchange rate.

Wolfspear *Dead and Broken*230 napja


alfredofs77229 napja

how to get the credit

johnbritt372229 napja

you buy with your local currency now instead of FB credits. like the credit cards, paypal and so on.

johnbritt372229 napja

for me it should be in USD though but its showing in GBP.

pascaljanvier77229 napja

qui au ré des animaux as asdopté

OviPets229 napja

If you have any further questions about this please contact support@ovipets.com.


235 napja
Drawing Contest Winners!
We'd first like to thank all of you who entered! There where so many lovely, funny, inventive, adorable and pretty pictures, we judges had a terribly difficult time choosing the winners - we really wish we could make you all winners! <3

You can see all the lovely winning images in this Facebook Album:

Advanced Class Winners!
We only had a total of 11 entries in this class so to keep things fair we couldn't pick as many winners as we could for the other classes.

Grand Prize Winner of 4000 credits: Andrea ED

Shared Second Place and winners of 1000 credits:
Kai Thomas

Intermediate Class Winners!
The intermediate Class was our biggest class, hence the many winners! :)

Grand Prize Winner of 3000 credits: Saki

Shared Second Place and winners of 500 credits:

Rawr Boo
Stephanie Koch
panda at the disco

Runner Ups and winners of 200 credits:

Lucifer Auxilither
Reed Knight
Tricky Raven

Beginner Class Winners!

Grand Prize Winner of 2000 credits: Talon 11

Shared Second Place and winners of 300 credits:

Disney Fan Forever
Fallen Wolfie

Runner Ups and winners of 100 credits:

Love Me 4 Eva Love Me Never
Angelica Cox
Arthur Kirkland
Her Happily Ever After
Ama Elina Jade-Wolf

Again, thanks to everyone who entered and the prizes are being handed out as we speak! <3

Please stay on topic, thank you!

alicearleevrooman233 napja

Okay not that I am trying to advertise on here or anything but I have two Vulpes generated so if you want to breed with one of them then go right a head. Just let me know how they turn out.

Sara Kara233 napja

And is she sweet?

please give her one like

alicearleevrooman233 napja

yes she is.

Sara Kara233 napja


sako233 napja

searching for a female vulpes please !!!!!

coyowolf233 napja

Stay on topic please